COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION    "CASC"  is now a reseller and OEM  for MAGOS GROUND RADAR SYSTEMS to Federal, State and  Local governments as well as major commercial projects 

The SR-500 is the most cost effective solution for perimeter detection and protection with superb detection capabilities at all conditions and easy installation


Magos was established in 2007 to realize its co-founders vision of bringing advanced radar technology to the security and perimeter protection markets. We’re Experts in Low cost, Low power, High performance radars that can be easily integrated in existing VMS, PSIM and other control software. Our products provide Automatic PTZ slew-to-cue for an end-to-end cost effective and easily maintained solution.

​Wide area continuous coverage and surveillance reduces dramatically the number of required sensors while improving detection ranges and capabilities at all weather and lighting conditions. In the long run, it frees up monitoring and guarding personnel as well.


             Airport security and surveillance is critical in ensuring that airports and air travels are safe . The Radar system provides a complete 360 degree airport perimeter surveillance solution for airports.


Protect Ports and Harbors with Perimeter Radar Security Systems

Seaports usually cover vast areas with multiple shipping containers, this makes traditional surveillance methods a challenge. This is where the Magos Radar outperforms the traditional surveillance camera by covering wide areas with its superb detection capabilities at all weather conditions.

Oil and Gas 

The oil and gas industry are considered high risk locations and require sophisticated perimeter surveillance systems due to the harsh and remote locations they are located in and their complicated layout. Magos Radar reduces dramatically threats such as theft, vandalism, and eco-terrorism

Power Plants

The importance of power plant perimeter security is increasing as seen during the terrorist attack on the Metcalf substation (San Jose, CA) in April 2013.  Threats to power supply might cause chaos and large-scale economic loss. To help combat this, power plants need to invest in perimeter surveillance that is effective in protecting critical infrastructure.

Data Centers

Data centers are often exposed to hacking attempts for the purpose of stealing intellectual properties and information. Therefore they must be monitored around the clock, allowing access only to authorized individuals.

Solar Farms

​Renewable energy is rapidly expanding in the form of large solar farms. The advanced solar panel technology can be subject to theft and damage by unwanted intruders. Solar farms cover large areas hence protecting it can be a challenge due to the need for a wide coverage.


Electrical substations have become a target for terrorist attacks.  It is now important for substations to implement a perimeter security system that will detect intruders approaching the substation. Advanced warning is the key to preventing attacks on the electrical substations throughout the country and gives security the ability to prevent potential loss of life.

Water Treatment Plants 

​It is becoming increasingly important to protect our drinking water from terrorist attacks. Contamination of our drinking water is a real threat and measures need to be taken to ensure the safety of the country’s water supply.


​Prisons need to be a high security facility, on alert 24/7. Fast, accurate detection via radar will help detect prison break attempts or external smuggling attempts. The highly effective Magos Radar will give early detection of approaching people and vehicles with fewer sensors and better perimeter detection capabilities. Security personnel will then be able to determine the best course of action to take.

Virtual Fence 

​The Magos Radar system acts like a virtual fence by detecting threats long before they reach your fence and secures the perimeter around any facility. The Radar’s long reach  beam will create a detection perimeter that will provide early warning of any threats approaching the secured zone.

Car Lots

Car lots are often exposed to theft cases due to high traffic of vehicles all day long.  Magos radars provide full coverage of critical areas of car lots, detecting intruders before they reach the properties

​Magos radars provide full protection of agricultural farms’ perimeter, allowing fast response before intruders reach the perimeter, live monitoring of critical areas and a simple solution for wide areas.

The absence of clear perimeter limits, geographical separation, and isolation from urban police services lead to increasing cases of theft, robbery, and violence.

Agricultural Farm
Magos has already installed with our local partners its advanced radar-based solution in several farms in South Africa, providing full coverage of the farm’s perimeter with minimal installation requirements and maximum performance in all weather conditions.