COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION now provides STATE, MUNICIPAL & FEDERAL LEASING PROGRAM through GOVERNMENT LEASING, LLC. We can now also provide leasing to America Indian Tribal entitles.  CONTACT

COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION  is now providing full Municipal Leasing to Law Enforcement and National Security Agencies for all our equipment and technology with GOVERNMENT LEASING, LLC. 

Mr. Butts has arranged to have the largest Municipal and Federal leasing company in the United  States  Government Leasing, LLC. to provide leasing for all of COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS. This is extremely important because of the cost of many of our systems to the municipals in the time of budget cuts. 

This is a huge additional value add for both our Law Enforcement and National Security Agency clients as well as it will add a valuable service to our offerings. This leasing package offers a $1.00 buy out at the end of the term. We can also offer a municipal rental program.  

This program also allows Law Enforcement departments and Federal Agencies to rent our equipment with an option to convert to a lease or buy the equipment at at future time. 

Quick Delivery: Lease financing allows a government entity to obtain needed equipment immediately without waiting for voter approval through a bond issue. This means increased productivity for the government entity.
Non-Appropriation: In most jurisdictions, the authority of an administrator to enter into debt or obligation of future funds is severely limited. For this reason, a Municipal Lease is characterized by a non-appropriation clause that specifies that the lease can be terminated in the event funds are not made available in subsequent fiscal years. Title to the equipment usually resides with the lessee so that the Government Agency's sales and property tax exemptions apply.

$1 Buyout: The Lessee owns the equipment at the end of the lease term.

Early Purchase Option: If funds become available, the Government Agency has the option to buyout the lease at any time after the completion of the first fiscal year. A detailed amortization schedule is provided for each transaction.

Flexible Terms: The payment can be tailored to suit the needs of each Government Agency. Annual, semi-annual, quarterly and monthly payment intervals are available with terms extending to the useful life of the equipment. Deferrals, down payments and advance payments can also be arranged. Terms reflective of the useful life of the equipment have a lower interest expense as compared to long-term bond issues. Lessees can choose payment schedules most suited to their needs, including length of contract, payment interval and advance or arrears payments. Up to 100% of the equipment cost can be financed as well as training and maintenance.

Nothing Down: Under most payment plans there is no down payment or security deposit required. However, structuring the lease with advance payments may lower the net cost of financing to the Lessee. Government Leasing, LLC can also defer the first payment up to one (1) year; however, a down payment is required with the delayed payment option.
Because the acquisition costs are spread over multiple fiscal years, a Municipal Lease removes budgetary constraints, permits the purchase of needed equipment, allows an upgrade of the equipment, and provides the ability to obtain additional units.