The CASC FORCE SECURITY CENTER  "CASC" will monitor all systems and alarms world wide including all Dedrone, Magos Ground Radar, weapons rooms, oil fields, solar fields, warehouses, agricultural etc. where  CASC Force Security is responsible for security. CASC FORCE

SECURITY will also have a CASC COMMAND and CONTROL CENTER in Virginia connected over Polycom Systems with full FIPS 140-2 compliant systems and networks to the CASC FORCE SECURITY CENTER  "CASC" in Greensburg, PA. 

​Security Compliance

Cyviz’ control rooms and operations centers are designed to adapt to staff accreditations and present content accordingly, and move between pre-configured modes to enable classified sources when needed using the same system. Our technical staff carry the highest security clearances, and together with our partners we offer the skills needed to successfully implement and support mission-critical systems. The Cyviz system architecture supports DVI-, HDMI, Display Port and IP-based distribution of high-resolution video signals. Switching between multiple sources can be done in a secure and certified fiber-based matrix. Processing of raw video is done without compression, encoding or decoding.

Multiple Classifications
With Cyviz technology it is possible to adopt solutions where you switch modes and security levels as the situation requires, within one and the same environment. Our solutions comply with the one-way-only video distribution and processing requirements found in environments with multiple security levels. Content from one security level can never be accessed from sources on a lower security level. Additionally, computer sources from different networks and security classifications can be securely connected to the system, so content from multiple sources can be combined into an optimal representation of mission-critical information. Switching between multiple sources can be done in a secure and certified fiber-based matrix

The Video Wall 

Video Wall Requirements • Display wall with approximate size for 24’ x 5’ • Command & control center approximately 1000 sqft (assuming 50’ wide x 20’ long x 20’ high) • 12 operator consoles with dual monitor support and sit only • Control • Configurable display/room control system • Video Display Options • 1x 12 x 4 1.2mm seamless LED • Video infrastructure • AV over IP KVM • Video Conference • Cisco RoomKit Pro codec • Sources- (By Others) • 12x operator stations with one dual head PC each- PC monitors by PC provider. • 1x Dedicated Rack PC by others. • Audio • 8x high-fidelity ceiling-based Pendant speakers . • 12x push to talk Discussion system microphones.

​Cyviz Operations Center Overview ▪ Built for 24/7 monitoring. ▪ Integrated control for video, audio and room. ▪ View multiple video sources simultaneously and dynamically move, resize, and create presets. ▪ Complies with strict security requirements. ▪ Advanced remote support & analytics. ▪ 22 years' experience supporting mission-critical. 

​Space Objectives o Dynamic Command & Control Center o Live monitoring of multiple data and video feeds o Configurable control system o Moveable and resizable video PiP sources o Unlimited number of self-configurable pre-sets o OFE Video conferencing Functional Solution Description The Combat Arms Systems video wall will be used to monitor various aspects of their climate-controlled firing range. We will provide 1x (12 x 4) 1.2mm LED seamless video wall. The video infrastructure will consist of a Cyviz Video Processor that will feed the 12 x 4 LED wall with 1 main source PC and 10 live PIPs, which the users can dynamically place anywhere on the video wall and resize them on the fly. An AV over IP based KVM matrix will be utilized for routing of video feeds to the processor and operator monitors. A Cisco RoomKit Pro codec will be provided with dual Cisco P60 cameras. 12 operator consoles with dual monitor support will be provided (sit only)

​Cyviz Solution – Combat Arms Systems – Technical Solution Description o ROOM CONTROL o Cyviz X Series Display Controller o All operations of the room will be controlled by a Cyviz 10” touch panel. o Main source PC will be full screen across all whole wall as background & up to 8 different contents can be placed on the wall simultaneously. o The controller will be located at the supervisor desk. o The touch panel will control: o audio functions including volume o video including source selection and source placement to the display o DISPLAY o 1x 12 x 4 1.2mm LED front access with lifetime warranty, hardware only o Wall where the video wall will be installed must be supported with minimum of 18mm plywood backing o Local power is required at the wall o VIDEO PROCESSING o A Cyviz XPO5 video processor with 10 live PIPs o Support for 1 main source PC o Overlay of PIP sources on top of the main source with dynamic resizing and placement on the wall o SOURCES & VIDEO DISTRIBUTION o 12 OFE Operator PCs with dual outputs o Dedicate Rack PC o AV over IP KVM o Layer 3 network switch required for the AV over IP KVM to be provided by the customer o VIDEO Conference o A Cisco RoomKit Pro VC codec o Dual Cisco P60 camera, one on each side of the display o VC infrastructure for the codec to be provided by customer o AUDIO o 8 ceiling pendant speakers o 12 push to talk discussion system microphones o Audio DSP with Dante support and AEC channels o MISC o 1x 42 equipment rack and accessories o 12x Operator consoles (sit only) with dual monitor support & 12 24/7 high back chairs, black o All PCs, monitors, keyboards & mice for the operator consoles to be provided by custome


Combat Arms Systems Corporation-Force Security Room Video wall