HVCC ENERGY GROUP, Inc. has been granted all rights to market this program to it 4000 location known as WORLDGATE EV-H2 OFF GRID REFUELING CENTERS and COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION has been granted exclusive marketing right for military bases for this program. 

Whereas Honor Valor Courage Corporation has the capability to provide marketing, sales, logistic and assembly services as well as providing Waste 2 Energy technology provided by MicroPower for the IO Energy GOLU-H2 new product GOLU-H2 off grid EV and Hydrogen refueling centers and stations products in the United States and whereas IO Energy desires to have Honor Valor Courage Corporation to provide marketing, sales, assembly & logistic and Waist 2 Energy technology to enhance the sale in the United Sates military, DOD, Government Contractors, State Governments and commercial clients as an OEM (Original equipment manufacturer). Honor Valor Courage Corporation shall purchase components and systems for the WorldGate EV-H2 Refueling Centers and Stations from IO Energy. IO Energy shall provide all interface with GOLU H2 on technical matters. Honor Valor Courage Corporation has the right to allocate the number of stations chargers and the manufacturer of the EV chargers as the OEM. 

 Honor Valor Courage Corporation and IO ENERGY shall develop a mutual agreed discount price to Honor Valor Courage Corporation as an OEM for the GOLU H2 system. Honor Valor Courage Corporation will use its construction, electrical and installation teams for this project. 

 Land to install the EV-H2 Refueling centers and stations will be the sole responsible of Honor Valor Courage

Corporation and such land will be the soul property of Honor Valor Courage Corporation.  Honor Valor Courage Corporation owns the right to assign these properties to WorldGate International Corporation. WorldGate International Corporation hold all Lease and land holding for Honor Valor Courage 

Honor Valor Courage Corporation has all rights to assign the Military and Law Enforcement marketing right to Combat Arms Systems Corporation. Therefore Combat Arms Systems Corporation will be responsible for marking to all Military Bases Military MWR and bases operation as well as all Law Enforcement agencies .