COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION   CASC  now offers a complete line of EMP SHIELD TECHNOLOGY  to DoD and the US Military. Mr. Butts Chairman of Honor Valor Courage Corporation parent company of CASC signed and agreement with Mr. Andrew Bucchin a principal and Director of Sale and Marketing of EMP SHIELD, LLC. i September 2020 to provide the products to the commercial as well as the DoD/Military markets.  

Mr. Butts stated that EMP SHIELD will be utilized in the 100MW solar project being build by Veterans National  Center and Technology Educational Institute "VSCTEI".  EMP SHIELD units will be utilized on our Hydrogen Fuel Cells, solar panels as well as all electronics at each of the home that are being built. The solar solar farm, LUMA Shingles and Solar Window will provide solar power to the IO Battery Storage Systems, DER and EMS which in turn deliver the solar energy  over IO microgrids and nanogrids to over 19,000 homes being built by Modular Direct. 

This project is a veterans project for Honor Valor Courage Corporation and Veterans National  Center Technology Educational Instituted and will be secured by elements of CASC.