CASC is providing full interactive Military and Defense training through CASC INTERACTIVE NETWORKS  utilizing ZOOM SECURE VPN and PLOYCOM systems. Military training programs are a major part of our heritage at CASC INTERACTIVE  NETWORKS.  Whether you are providing classes for combat training for equipment, secured crisis and control video applications, combat crisis command and control training, government contractor deployment training or moral training for the troops we can handle the mission. 

CASC INTERACTIVE NETWORKS utilize  Polycom studio X 30 and X50  Government for all Crisis Control and Commend training. This enables our networks are 100% encrypted and FIPS 140-2 compliant for deployment behind government firewalls.  CASC also utilizes ZOOM  SECURE VPN for training and ZOOM LIVE broadcasting  allows up to 300 members for encryption of video. ZOOM live  BROADCASING in conjunction with restream can reach 0ver 100,000 viewers.