COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION  CASC will now be a provider of IO Energy (Instant On Energy) through the agreement with Instant On Energy and Honor Valor Courage Corporation dated 10-5-2020 to provide Commercial and exclusive market for Government (Federal State Local) entity under this agreement all product for Instant On Energy. This agreement includes all microgrids, nanogrids, utilizing  Hydrogen Fuel Cells power,  battery storage utilizing lithium Ion battery backup for DoD and Military in the US and International bases.  It is estimated that all military bases will have microgrids and nanogrids with in the coming years and be off the grids. All combat bases will be on microgrids to provide power to our troops and weapon systems. 

IO Energy microgrids and nanogrids, lithium Ion battery back up in racks with hydrogen fuel cell will be utilized in the new 100MW HYDROGEN projects being built by Veterans National  Center & Technology Educational Institute "VNCTEI" Campus. 

Combat Arms Systems CASC  looks forward to offering our current clients and future the amazing products IO Energy bring to the DoD and Military and how microgrids & nanogrids can save our bases both in direst cost as well as grid down time and save the loves of our troops.