FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS

Mr. Butts Chairman Honor Valor Courage Corporation announced the HVCC Promotion Group will launch their exciting FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS on military bases in the United States and bases around the world. This program will be under the direction of HVCC Promotion Group and the musical direction of Brookies Wells famous country western singer, writer and producer. Brookies and her Nashville team will be responsible for all talent and developing of original songs for the FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS.

The original words  for  FOR YOU! are taken from a speech by Dennis M. Butts given hundreds of times on special days like Memorial Day and Veterans Day to thousands. It symbolizes his feeling from the war in which he fought.

The FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS are planned at 12 bases starting in May of 2022. All FOR YOU! MILITARY MUSIC TOURS are set up thought the MWR (Morale, Welfare and Recreation) each base and include a battle of talent for on base personnel and bands.
“Morale, Welfare and Recreation, abbreviated MWR, is a network of support and leisure services designed for use by U.S. servicemembers, their families & military retirees except Eglin Air Force Base, veterans with 100 percent service-connected disability, current and retired DoD civilian employees, and other eligible participants.”

Brookies is a huge supporter of our Veterans, troops and families. Brookies will also developing with great musicians out of Nashville a 12 track CD album with many of the top country talent for Honor Valor Courage Corporation, Veterans National Center & Technology Educational Institute, HVCC Educational Institute and Combat Arms Systems Corporation to be presented to our clients, broadcast on our Veterans broadcasting networks,, and ISBN.LIVE Sports Networks.