COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION  and its partners have utilized goTENANA MESH NETWORKS for years. The tactical capabilities are truly amazing.  We utilize the goTenna with our UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP  FOREST FIRE RESPONSE program to drop form our UAVs to fire fighters for communications with out of reach on regular radio or cell.  We also utilize the goTenna on our Drone SaR Search and Rescue missions to drop to lost campers, adults and children in remote locations. 


Total team awareness
in any situation.Today’s operating environment is increasingly mobile — but what happens when you lose critical connectivity?
goTenna Pro equips every team, down to the individual operator, with fully off-grid mesh networking capabilities so they can stay agile and informed throughout every mission. Our radio devices and paired mobile apps create ad hoc, peer-to-peer networks that operate independently of cell, wifi and satellite systems — but can still augment your agency’s existing communications stack.

Tactical communications that enable mission-critical command and control down to the individual operator in hostile and austere environments.

Maintain uninterrupted communications between aircraft, ground-based vehicles, and rescue teams during rescue missions.

Build reliable, encrypted communications networks in areas where infrastructure is collapsed or completely unavailable.

Pro X Kit.

Deploy at a moment's notice. A compact and ruggedized network management kit for larger teams operating goTenna Pro X devices and third-party software like ATAK in complex environments where no service is not an option.

The first wireless platform
for long-range, off-grid
mobile mesh networking.