CASC  announced the signing of a national distributorship agreement with GG DEFENSE SYSTEMS . CASC will cover the UNIITED STATES  markets for GGDS. 

​Core Competencies

Providing various tailor-made force protection solutions for buildings, infrastructures and other platforms: (bast, ballistics, forced entry)
Offering live-tested products using- full-size blast & ballistic testing.
Force protection engineering & project management services.
CBRN filtration Systems
Turn-key projects worldwide

 Our Range of Products and Solutions Comprise:

Force protection fenestration systems – windows, doors, curtain walls, Roller Shutters, Louvers - (ballistic, blast, forced entry)
High level modular safe room (blast, ballistic, force entry)
Physical protection systems against Explosive Drones threats (Air ports, governmental buildings, critical infrastructures)
Tailor-made underground safe rooms/ bunkers (CBRN) including Blast Rated Doors (3,7,10,12, 50, 100 Bars) Hinged/Sliding.
NBC filtration systems
Composite blast mitigating fabric (buildings, critical infrastructures, containers)
Energy-absorbing cable catch system for blast resistance upgrading of existing windows & curtain walls (airports, government buildings)
Unique transparent armor of the highest levels (flat, curved)
Unique portable anti-ram barrier (live-tested and certified against 7.5ton trucks at 50 Km/h) – stadiums, sport events, governmental infrastructures.
Light composite armor (buildings, vehicles, aircrafts, marine vessels, containers…)
Military and civilian personal protective equipment
Tailor-made solutions
Force protection consulting (blast, ballistic, force protection), survey reports.

 Among Their Clients

US Army - Corps of Engineers
Israeli governmental offices (PM)
Spanish National Police
Israeli Minister of Defense/ IDF/ Air Force
Israeli parliament
Israeli and European Ministers of Foreign Affairs
Scandinavian governments
Embassies in Israel and abroad
Major banks and privately held companies worldwide
Worldwide oil and gas companies
Shipping companies
Major airports, sea ports, inland border crossing posts
Mining companies
Telecommunication companies