COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION provides a complete line of AIRPHONE GOVERNMENTAL SECURITY and COMMUNICATION systems to secure any Federal, State or Local Government. AIRPHONE GOVERNMENTAL SECURITY grade systems will be utilized throughout the new CCFR Climate Controlled Firing Range being developed by CASC as well as all facilities associated with the PROGRAMMABLE GLASS BULLET project being developed by Honor Valor Courage Corporation, Sandia National Labs and DoE. 

Aiphone Manufactures Intercom and Access Control Solutions for Military, Aerospace, and Government.

A safe and secure facility allows government employees to focus on what’s important – lead with confidence. Aiphone offers intercom and access control solutions for local, state, and federal government organizations.

Because the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD12) mandates federal government to enhance security, increase government efficiency, reduce identity fraud – Aiphone products are designed to meet these strict and other ever-changing requirements.

Our products also allow for easy and cost-effective methods for migration of legacy equipment to newer, compliant equipment. Aiphone products are known for reliability, and follow strict ISO standards. Aiphone has been honored with the prestigious Deming Award for ISO standards, twice!

Be sure to check FEMA for available grants, and to obtain the standardized equipment list

IX Series Multi-Platform IP Video Intercom System with SIP Capability