APS300 – Advanced aerial innovative autonomous patrolling system based on Disposable micro-drones (300gr) and a portable docking station (23kg / 55lbs).

 24/7 platform designed to secure sites up to 5Km perimeter / 10 sKm.
Full redundancy, the product comes as default with 2 drones.
Supports multi-site, multi-drone operations
Secured 256 AES WIFI / LTE4 communication.
Cloud based command and control system support any portable device (apple OS, android, Microsoft Windows)

ERE30 micro-drone has outstanding performance 72 kmph / 45 mph, flight time up to 25 minutes, 30 minutes fast charging, dual camera (FHD zoom X8 / X12 and thermal NIGHT sensor). Advanced AI and image processing enabling precise landing and object detection. Image processing navigation in case of no GPS. Outdoor IP55.
APS300 portable outdoor docking station IP56. Outstanding dimensions of 60cm x 60cm x 60cm (22” x 22” x 22”). Power input: 12Volt. Optional solar input or by car battery.

VERY simple operation (2 hours training & we're good to go), customization to specific customer needs (as many and various automated patrols on the site as per customers’ specifications including the hours needed), connection to customers’ command & control systems & private cloud
No need for complicated installations, No need for electrical power (using 12V so can use small 40W solar panel or car battery for charging the dock station battery)
True 24/7 operation (apx. 1 patrol per hour, if needed full coverage that can install 2-3 systems onsite)
The drone can "jump" to 1Km / 0.5miles upon alert from the fence/sensors within 55 seconds from closed dock station...Low cost ALL included (DaaS – Drone as a Service model) system allowing ease of mind for the customer with no hidden fees - Upon installation we’ll be supplied the following