COMBATE ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION  "CASC"  is now providing  Tactical Waste to Energy systems through MICROPOWER to provide another major  critical product and service to our military bases worldwide. Waste is a major issue on all military bases and now we can convert all waste into renewable natural gas to power Hydrogen Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Power Plants on the bases. These hydrogen fuel cells and hydrogen power plants will the power our microgrids and nanograns on the bases.  This will make every base totally self-contained and off the grid. 

The MICROPOWER TC Waste Transformation System is highly automated, powered by its own self-generated renewable energy and available in prefabricated, 50 ton-per-day modules for quick implementation (about 120 days or less), routine maintenance and easy scalability. Each module requires only 10,000 square feet of building space, making it ideal for housing within existing structures with minor modifications. The transformation process itself is unaffected by moisture, dirt, rocks, combustibles, metal or glass; creates no slag, dross or clinkers; and requires no sorting, shredding or preprocessing of waste. Ideal feedstock includes:

Municipal Solid Waste
Industrial Waste
Construction/Demolition Waste
Medical Waste
Scrap Tires and Textiles
Sewage Sludge
Oil Sludge
Liquid Waste
Animal Waste and Litter
Food and Beverage Processing Residues
Agricultural Residues
Yard Waste
Forestry Waste
Natural Disaster Waste