COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION  will be responsible for all security physical, data, drone, fraud and counter-terrorism for the new WORLDGATE COMMUNITIY INTERNATIONAL projects  Sponsored Islands Tonga and Fiji.  HVCC SECURITY GROUP has assigned (our sister company) this contract to  CASC. 

WorldGate Community International will build a WorldGate Community International project as outlined in  the following:

The project will build the project as a Sponsored Island project and will build in the manner of construction outline below and with all entities, buildings, facilities, and program listed as follows:

 CASC  SECURITY GROUP is responsible for all security at WORLGATE COMMUNITY INTERNATIONAL project. This includes all state-of-the-art technologies to prevent bad actor attacks for the air, land and sea. HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP will provide full 24/7/365 anti-terror protection to the harbor, port and marinas with both the most advanced UAV DRONE and DEDRONE TECHNOLOGY as well as underwater UUV TECHNOLOGY (Unmanned underwater vehicles) for all ships and yachts in harbors, ports and in our marinas.  This is an exclusive service for WorldGate Community International provided by HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP no one in the South Pacific can or does offer this protection.

CASC Security Group will oversee all in house and on-premise security. The security team of HVCC Security Group are made up of former high level law enforcement, special operators, secret service, former government agents and investigators who have been  specialty retrained for this mission at our training center in Montana, U.S. to provide the highest level of protection for our guests, clients and employees.  We offer the most advanced armored luxury CARs and SUVs armored for our high-profile clients and visitors. Each vehicle is equipped with the EXCLUSIVE HVCC DRONE ARMOR PARCKAGE.  Our former U.S. Secret Serves Agents are experts in protecting high profile peoples. 

The CASC  SECURITY GROUP are specially train in fraud prevention and fraud detection/protection with our former U.S. Secret Service Agents.  The WorldGate Community International will be protected by experienced retired senior law enforcement staff. Each floor will be monitored 24/7/365 by not only our on-staff personnel but also in the United States by our full staffed and cleared HVCC MONITORING CENTER team in VA 24/7/365. This center will be directly connected to the hotel and our on-staff security team.

Fire Safety in the entire hotel is designed with not only fire alarms at multi-positions but with sensors connected back to the HVCC MONITORING CENTER in Virginia. The Hotel will be treated with TEMP-COAT Special Fire Retardant at the assembly facility to prevent burning. The hotel is also designed with the latest state of the art fire suppression systems technology in every room not just sprinklers. 

The project will house a fully SECURED DATA CENTER and SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility) (pronounced “skiff”), a U.S. Department of Defense term for a secure room. It can be a secure room or data center that guards against electronic surveillance and suppresses data leakage of sensitive security and military information. This SCIF and SECURED DATA CENTER will be under the control of CASC SECURITY GROUP 24/7/365. The SCIF and SECURED DATA CENTER are impenetrable without high level authorization and the SCIF requires TS/SCI Clearance or equivalent clearance or authorization from the Prime Minister or Minister of National Security from SPONSORED ISLAND.

The SECURED DATA CENTER will serve the country of SPONSORED ISLAND as well as other countries in the South Pacific. The SECURED DATA CENTER will also be available to residence who have dual citizenship under the SPONSORED ISLAND CIP. The SECURED DATA CENTER will also house all information and financial records regarding the casino, On-Line Gaming, and Slots on SPONSORED ISLAND. The SECURED DATA CENTER will be the depository of all records on of employees, including medical records, and under U.S. requirements all  medical records will meet or exceed any or all HIPPA requirements for storage and/or transfer.  The SECURED DATA CENTER will also keep detailed records in data bases of all inbound and outbound shipping, vessels and yachts. All video and flight data from UAV DRONE and Alarms from Anti-Drone systems will also be stored on servers in the SECURED DATA CENTER for review by CASC  SECURITY, and the PREMIER or the MINISTER OF NATIONAL

SECURITY or DEFENSE at any time. 

WorldGate Community SPONSORED ISLAND will house a complete HVCC EPW DEFENSE CENTER at Tonga. The Centers act as a CIVIL DEFENSE against natural disaster, nuclear explosion and electronic pulse weapons attacks. The Center becomes a disaster supply center and fully backed up by HVCC ASSEMBLY & LOGISTIC GROUP that handles all inventory, shipping, labeling and receiving for the Center from the U.S. The Center supply full inventory of water, food, medical supplies and equipment also. Food and Water will be stored for over one moth supply for the Guests, Clients, Visitors and Employees of WorldGate Community International. In a national emergency the center also become the focal point for all security, emergency response and civil defense for WorldGate Community International.  The Centers are totally power from solar, wave energy and dry battery technology. The investors are protected in our SCIF and protected part are also stored for all emergency equipment and medical services equipment in case of EPW attack.  The Center will be accessible to all necessary  Government officials and the Premier and his Ministers to keep the country operations in case of any EPW attach or other national emergency.  

​​ON-BOARD ANTI-PIRATE PROTECTION will be available to any vessels that feel the necessarily for this service. The increase of pirate activity in the southern Pacific has now reached an all-time high. The large yachts, cruise ships  and commercial ships have become choice targets for these bad actors.  CASC SECURITY GROUP provides very experienced combat special operators to provide ON-BOARD protection services for the GUESTS, CLIENTS and VESSELS that enter our ports, harbors and marinas. This service can be for protection to the  12-mile international limit or for longer voyages. Our teams are fully trained in anti-pirate boarding and anti-pirate rescue techniques. Our teams employ the latest in arms and weapons and will be full verted, approved and licensed by the Government of WorldGate Community International for these operations.