COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION “CASC” is proud to be the exclusive dealer for the Blackline MTP in the United Sates and the Greater Caribbean. This is a unique system which is very much need and required by Law Enforcement, National Security Agencies, Special Operations, SWAT Teams, Private Contractors, Private Security Agencies and Private owned shooting ranges.

CONBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION “CASC” is in the business of providing systems for national security, counter terrorism and the training to prevent it on the shores of our country and the Greater Caribbean countries. The current activities at our southern border and the rise of bad actors that will be coming for Afghanistan makes the products and systems from COMBAT ARMS SYSTEM CORPORATION “CASC” even more relevant and necessary. The MTP is an example of this forward thinking systems which will allow critical training programs to be developed and advanced by all involved in counter-terrorism and law enforcement. As we always say NOT IF BUT WHEN AND HOW BAD!

The MTP is the perfect solution for companies or individuals who with to provide firearms training. The MTP can be installed indoors or outdoors in shopping centers, warehouses, fitness centers, gun stores, virtually anywhere and can be moved at any time it is 100% self-contained.

Revenue potential is unlimited with contracts with local Law Enforcement training, shooting teams, gun clubs, exhibitions, gun safety courses, fairs and so much more.  

 Mobile Training Platform

Blackline Internationals has created the most advanced Mobile Training Platform   (MTP) on the market today. Our unique combination of mobility, versatility and technology make for a system that can take you from basic qualifying drills to special forces training or mission pre deployment rehearsal. 

The MTP  is based around a 20ft and 40 ft container. Each container is engineered to the highest standards and designed to handle harsh environment such as deserts, jungle and coastal operational areas. On the outside the container looks ordinary, once it is open it is anything but ordinary.

The MTP can be deployed in a parking lot, field, ship deck, anywhere a truck or helicopter can drop it. Setup once dropped in place takes less than 20 mins for the basic set up.


The range uses non-lethal marker rounds. This provides the trainees with a realistic training environment while using their own service weapons.

  The MTP can carter for all levels.

Basic qualification drills.
Scenario training.
SWAT and other law enforcement specialist units.
Special forces mission rehearsal and training.

The instructors have the ability observe the trainees on the ground, from the viewing platform and from the CCTV monitor. A scenario can be filmed by multiple cameras and the team can check their performance. This provides a unique point of view for the instructors that no other system can offer.

 Shoot house:

With the addition of walls, doors and windows, the MTP can be turned into any scenario you require. A panel system allows for and endless number of options. We can also supply a purpose-built shoot house to meet your requirements. 


The MTP comes fully equipment with lighting and CCTV. Inside the unit the command module holds all the electrical switch gear, CCTV, power connections and TV. The use of the system is carefully explained with flow charts to enable all personal to operate it. The unit can be operated independently with a generator and provide night training via 12 volt LED lighting. CCTV can be used to monitor trainees and play back on the command TV to evaluate performance. Extra equipment such as GPS tracker and other devices can be fitted at your request.


The unit runs on 110vlt with the ability to be run from a genset if required. The unit can also be set up with a dual power system, 110 volts for the US and another rating for the deployed country if this differs from 110 volt.


The MTP come in a series of different configurations:

20ft standard
40ft standard
20ft target end
20ft command end


Ladder for viewing platform
Handrails for viewing platform
3 x steel toolboxes

Drill and connections for all bolts and screw
Tie downs
Red and Green box system for live rounds and live barrels or firearms
Cable connection for 110 volt power or power rating as requested 
Fire extinguisher
Range officer jerkin x 3


Shoot house panels to your specifications, endless configurations.
Colors to your specifications.
Training firearms, conversions kits.
Specialist clients specified equipment
Dual power system

Transport and storage:

The MTP can be easily transported by truck or helicopter and dropped in almost any location. The system is based around a 20ft or 40ft container and therefore once it is closed away it becomes very secure and can be pick up and moved.

Full Government, Municipal and Indian Nation and Commercial leasing programs available from Government Leasing, LLC. and Crest Capital.