COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION "CASC" has established is an ammo provider for all Law Enforcement Agencies and Department, National Security Agencies and Government Defense Contractors. 

This program was developed with BLACKLINE AMMUNITION a trusted provider of bulk wholesale ammunition for  sports, defense and retail distributors. COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION “CASC”  worked with  BLACKLINE AMMUNITION to develop this program exclusively for Law Enforcement Agencies and Departments to provide ammo to agencies or department, National Security Agencies and Government Defense Contractors who find it hard to find ammo in the required calibers at a price the Department or Agency, National Security Agencies and Government Defense Contractors can work in their budget. 

COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION  “CASC” is a direct seller of wholesale ammunition.

COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION  "CASC"  is the official provider and exclusive distributor of all BLACKLINE INTERNATIONAL, Ltd.  for ammo and Blackline Tactical Portable Firearms Training Facility for the United States and the Greater Caribbean.  BLACKLINE INTERNTIONAL provides a proven line of tactical products including ammunition worldwide. 

COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION is the developer of the first and only CCFR (CLIMATE CONTROLLED FIRING RANGE) for Military, National Security Agencies and Law Enforcement and sister company HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION is the developer of the only PGB (PROGRAMMABLE GLASS BULLET) with Sandia National Labs and the Department of Energy DOE for Law Enforcement, military, nuclear power plants, data center and FAA with exclusive right for manufacturing, marketing and sales right worldwide in which COMBAT ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION has all manufacturing, marketing and sale right worldwide assignment under an agreement with HONOR VALOR COURAGE CORPORATION.

COMBATE ARMS SYSTEMS CORPORATION  "CASC "  will be using over 2,000,000 rounds a month of both 9MM and 5.56 NATO at the CCFR and working with  BLACKLINE AMMUNITION for the CCFR, we therefore decided to develop this program with  BLACKLINE INTERNATIONAL to provide exclusively for Law Enforcement agencies, department,  National Security Agencies and Government Defense Contractor to be able to buy need ammo at the wholesale pricing.  

We also will be providing the PGB (PROGRAMMABLE GLASS BULLET) to Law Enforcement in 2024 when final development in obtained.

PLEASE CALL 814-215-5877  OR EMAIL US AT CAS@COMBATARMSSYSTEMS.COM  to check on  available of requested ammo and we will check the available and process your to order for ammo.